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What You Should Know about the World Ventures Program


It can be fun to travel. People like seeing new places and visiting new sites. It is probably something you will find on everyone's hobby list. Travelling is also something you might find on many people's bucket lists. Most people will give you a list of a place they would like to go to at least once with a friend or with family. However, most people never actually get around to visiting these places because of the costs involved. Traveling is not that cheap. In fact, it might take you ages if you are saving up to travel using your salary. However, the good news is there are programs such as world ventures that allow you to be able to accomplish your dreams for travelling much easier. Here is what you need to know about the world ventures.


The Ventures Program Stratification


World ventures dream trips have different levels of entry to their travel club. The levels are created to give someone a sense of belonging. These levels include the following.


Membership level


This is the first level in the travel program. At this level you can earn loyalty points by getting others to sign up as well as getting access to a variety of travel deals. You do this by trying to get four individuals to be members in a month, and your monthly fee increases for that particular month If you continue doing this for another month your fee continues to increase. Learn how to get paid to travel with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_2203846_paid-travel.html.


Gold Level


At this stage you are required to subscribe membership by paying a onetime fee of $199.99 and monthly sustenance fee of $54.99. There is quite a lot you can benefit from this level. Some of the benefits include air fare discounts and flight accident insurance. Check out the WorldVentures videos for more info.


Platinum Membership


When it comes to the travel membership club this is the best level. Here one has to pay an initial fee of 299.99 dollars and sustain it with a monthly fee of 99.99 dollars. This membership level offers benefits such as an upgraded airport transfer, some travel extras such as spa discounts, resort credits and you also get to earn more dream trip points.


Financial Benefits


@WorldVentures does more than make your dream trip come true it also gives you a chance to earn some money. Making money wholly depends on your ability to  convince people that being members of the club is worth their money. You must be a good sales person who can quickly get the required market for platinum membership. There are different ways of earning money through world ventures. Bringing new customers on board is one way of earning money through commissions with world ventures. Personal sales is another way you can get to make money with world ventures. Here, all you need to do is bring in at least three new customers within a 28-day period to earn 100 dollars. Customers in this case refers to new club members. The membership level you are in determines your bonuses.


Travelling doesn't have to cost you so much. For those looking for a way to travel and earn at the same time, then world ventures is totally for you.